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Wordscapes Cheat & Answers For All Levels

An exciting new kind of crossword puzzle for a new era is Wordscapes created by PeopleFun, Inc.

A brain-busting yet relaxing mobile game available on your favorite devices that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end while teaching you some new words too. Some of the Wordscape levels have hidden words that don’t connect to others, so you’ll have to think hard to figure them out. As the levels get more and more difficult, you might get stuck and use Wordscapes cheat to pass them.

This is where we can help you out with the correct Wordscapes cheat, so you can keep going to the higher levels.

Cheat For All 10.000 Wordscapes Levels

Wordscapes Levels 1-500
Wordscapes Levels 501-1000
Wordscapes Levels 1001-1500
Wordscapes Levels 1501-2000
Wordscapes Levels 2001-2500
Wordscapes Levels 2501-3000
Wordscapes Levels 3001-3500
Wordscapes Levels 3501-4000
Wordscapes Levels 4001-4500
Wordscapes Levels 4501-5000
Wordscapes Levels 5001-5500
Wordscapes Levels 5501-6000
Wordscapes Levels 6001-6500
Wordscapes Levels 6501-7000
Wordscapes Levels 7001-7500
Wordscapes Levels 7501-8000
Wordscapes Levels 8001-8500
Wordscapes Levels 8501-9000
Wordscapes Levels 9001-9500
Wordscapes Levels 9501-10000

Wordscapes is a game simple enough for anyone to just pick up and play, but the difficulty will ramp up as you go along, ensuring that you’ll always have new challenges to look forward to while you play.

All the Wordscapes levels have you start by looking at a few letters in front of you and then simply link each letter together to form words. Can you discover every combination? You’ll have to if you want to truly master the thousands of puzzles Wordscapes will have in store for you.

Fear not though, we came prepared with all the tools and tips you’ll need to journey through the wide world of Wordscapes, whether it be Wordscapes answers or just helpful guides to play the game.

All of the Wordscapes levels take you on a grand adventure thanks to tons of beautiful backgrounds and vistas behind you to accompany every puzzle. You could find rolling plains, lush forests, tropical beaches, or snowy mountaintops. These backgrounds could give you just the inspiration you need to discover that word you’re missing or just be a nice view to escape to on a busy day.

As for the puzzles themselves, within each of the Wordscapes levels, they start off simple enough, with 3 letters such as A, C, and T, which could connect into words like CAT and ACT. Don’t let that fool you though, things will get much more difficult the longer you play with more letters and far more elaborate combinations of words.

As the levels get more and more difficult, you might get stuck. This is where we can help you out with the correct Wordscapes cheat, so you can keep going to the higher levels. Another feature this game has that will you keep you hooked is the Wordscapes daily puzzles. Can you find all the Wordscapes answers for the daily puzzles?

wordscapes cheats

Wordscapes Cheat and Answers For Daily Puzzle

With the daily puzzle, you’ll have something new to look forward to as these special puzzles change daily, and feature a huge variety of combinations. Since each puzzle works the same as the other ones, you’ll be able to jump right into them and play without the hassle of new tutorials every day. There are many strategies you can use to make finding words on Worsdcape levels and Wordscapes daily puzzles easier.

Strategies to Find Wordscapes Answers Yourself

By following some simple tips for Wordscapes puzzles, you’ll have a much easier time getting through each level. Since there aren’t that many combinations and you don’t get penalized for wrong answers, you could simply brute force your way through each segment sliding your finger through the letters until you discover the right combination.

To find the words easier, focus either on the longest word you can make or the one that has the most other words connecting to it. This will help narrow down the options until you can easily figure out what you missed.

A lot of words can be pluralized, so if you have an S, be sure to take that into account because a word like BARN could also count as BARNS. This can lead to many words you thought were done being able to have used again. Also utilizing the shuffle option will rearrange letters without penalty, so you can keep shuffling until you find the word or the inspiration you need to figure it out.

Some of the daily Wordscapes answers could feature letters such as R, U, T, O, and L which combine to make words like TOLL, ROLL, TOUR, and LOOT. Some of the letters will repeat so you’ll have to be careful not to miss any words. For example, words with 2 Ls could make HALL, HILL, and HULL.

If all that isn’t enough to figure out the most brain blasting puzzle, you can always check out our cheats and answers to avoid getting stuck.

Tips and Tricks

Some handy power-ups are there to help you out in case you get stuck. These can be helpful resources in a pinch but we warned, they are limited use so spend them carefully. Thankfully most of the power-ups can be earned as you play the game so you won’t have to shell out real money if you don’t want to.

Firstly, the Rocket power-up will unveil random letters throughout the board. If you’re lucky, this could be a winning reveal. The next power-up, the Bullseye, reveals a single letter behind a space of your choosing. Pick a space that connects with another space for double the benefit.

The Lightbulb power will reveal an entire word in case there’s something you just can’t figure out. Finally, the Spelling Bee will reveal letters while also leaving coins on the toughest word, but be careful, as this power-up can only be purchased only. Each of these power-ups has its own uses and can make the regular levels or the Wordscapes daily puzzle challenges much easier.

If you want to opt for a more direct route, wordscapes answers will get you answers to every level and challenge and reveal every word, combination, and bonus. These can be useful as last resort approaches, or if you just want to get to the more advanced levels quicker. Just look up the level name and you’ll catch all the correct puzzle answers when looking up cheats.


With these handy tips, tools, and resources you can apply on all the Wordscapes levels and Wordscapes daily puzzles, finding the best way to go through your word-finding journey has never been simpler. With thousands of puzzles, great bonuses, daily rounds, and fun environments, The game will keep you entertained for hours on end no matter how many of the Wordscapes cheat you use or how many of the Wordscapes answers you look up.

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